A Shot in the Dark

Want to take sharp and beautiful iPhone photos even in lowlight? 

Get the ultimate guide to shooting amazing iPhone photos in lowlight
from master iPhone photographer Austin Mann.

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What is A Shot in the Dark?

Understanding the principles & techniques of lowlight photography is the key to creating stunning iPhone photos, no matter what you're shooting.

This course is a bunch of step-by-step videos, a guest interview, a field guide and more… all designed from the ground up to help you shoot better iPhone photos in lowlight.

Low Light? No Prob!

What' You'll Get:

• Lowlight field guide download (PDF format)

• 30+ video lessons in HD

• In-the-field video training with Austin

• Gear guide for lowlight iPhone photography

• App guide for lowlight iPhone photography

• 20 minute guest interview

• Unlimited access from any device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc)

• 100% satisfaction guarantee

What Will I Learn?

From outdoor fireworks to night at Grand Central Station, you will learn to see and think differently when shooting in limiting low light conditions.

Shoot and Edit

Learn shooting & editing techniques that will help you shoot sharp images, minimize noise and create inspiring art in the dark.

Essential Gear

Get a video breakdown of Austin's thoroughly tested lowlight iPhone gear kit.

Best Apps

Simple is best but you'll learn are a couple of iPhone apps that really unlock the power of your iPhone in lowlight.

A few of your questions I’ve answered inside:

How can I minimize reflections when working with flash?
How do I deal with the "watercolor effect" I see on photos in lowlight?
How can I reduce the noise I see when taking lowlight pictures?
How can I create cool light-trail photos with my iPhone?
What are the best iPhone apps for shooting in lowlight?
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Going through the training the second time just as a refresher. It's changed my mobile photography - everything from "seeing" the shot to editing. Well done and thank you. Excellent! Already have received over my $ investment!
Tom D. in USA


Austin is the king of smartphone photography


Now I enjoy editing pictures because Austin explained that it's about the subtle changes to recreate the feeling you had when you took the shot. Great lesson!
Bart V. in Belgium

Transform Your Photos

If you find yourself unsatisfied when looking at pictures you took with your iPhone in lowlight (whether they're dark, blurry or just plain boring) then this is the course for you.

After this course, you'll be thrilled with the stunning images you can create in with your iPhone in lowlight (or your money back.) 

Who is Austin?

Austin Mann, Teacher

Austin’s work inspired the Shot on iPhone campaign and iPhone images have been published by National Geographic Travel, Travel + Leisure, Condé Naste and he’s even been hired by world class brands to teach their internal teams how to communicate better through their iPhone photography.


*Background: Austin teaching iPhone photography at London Apple Store

Austin's iPhone photos have been published by:

Course Preview

One More Thing...

I've included a 20 minute FaceTime interview with a world-class celebrity photographer. We talk lowlight iPhone, best editing apps, Portrait Mode and more...




Lowlight Field Guide PDF (35MB)

30+ Video Lessons in HD

Best Lowlight Gear Guide

Best Lowlight App Guide

20 Minute Guest Interview

Unlimited access from any device (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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What is a "low light" scene?
A birthday party at home, an indoor restaurant, walking around in the city at night, just about anything after sunset and more.

What iPhone do I need?
While many of these principles are timeless, you'll get the most out of this course if you are using an iPhone 7/7 Plus or later.

I'm not a pro photographer? Does that matter?
The great thing about the iPhone is, with just a little bit of direction, anyone can shoot amazingly beautiful photographs, even in low light!

Is this course only about lowlight photography?
Yes, EVERYTHING in this course is aimed at helping you shoot better photos in lowlight conditions…however, many of the principles and techniques apply to other forms of photography.

Can I use PayPal to purchase the course? 
Yep! PayPal and credit/debit cards are accepted. 

What if I buy the course isn't right for me?
If you don't find this course valuable within 5 days, I'll give you your money back.